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Aluminum Emblem Sticker for Nismo (High Quality)

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Durable, rustless, anti-sunburn, waterproof, fadeless, suitable for exterior or interior use.
The pattern of animal eagle/tiger/lion is feral, and they are the kings in their own living area, makes your car look more stylish.
Not only looks great on the outside of your vehicle, but can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces.Item Name: Car Sticker
Style: Fashion
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Perfect for any vehicle, truck, car, motorcycle

Install In 3 Easy Steps
1. CLEAN: Clean the area thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
2. PEEL: Remove paper backing off decal as well as the clear protective plastic from the front of the decal.
3. STICK: Slowly lower the decal onto the clean dry surface and press down firmly.

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