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Mercedes Amg Car Universal Dashboard Silicone Anti Slip Pad Holder Mount

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  • Universal dashboard sticky pad mat for your device - mobile phone, GPS, sat nav, tablet PC, mp3 player, DVD screen etc.
  • The design is simple, effective, easy to use and shock absorbent.
  • It utilizes a special adhesive rubber to fasten electric devices securely.
  • The adhesive rubber has a unique shock absorbing capability to withstand high jolts.
  • The silicone pad provides a smooth and flat surface which can be adhered to the flat back surface of the supporting object.
  • This car GPS holder will not move when you drive your car until you take it off .
  • No glue or adhesive required - mess free.
  • Strong, durable and lightweight that is extremely portable.
  • You can not only use it in your car, but also you can use it on your desk and other smooth and flat places.

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