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NISSAN Carbon Fiber Soft Silicone Key Fob Case

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Because even if the model of the car is the same, the car key might be different based on the different year of manufacturing,so please Double Check your Key Fob with the picture at left before Purchasing
Compatible Models:key fob like image.
PRECISE FITMENT: The key fob cover with professional and perfect design enable you to easy control all the buttons and connectors.
soft silicone Material & Easy Installation: which is the ultimate protection against scratches, scuffs and cracks. It is easy to install this key fob cover.
silicone case is no conflict to the signal while press the buttons,and also offer full protection.

Perfect and exact,without working loose or losing its elasticity. Because it is according to the original key to open the mould ,and the button on the car key will work just as well as your key before

for: Ford

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