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OBD SPEED LOCK Toyota Vios Yaris 2014-2017

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Yaris (2013 to 2017) Automatic Transmission Only For Model E and G variants only


  • 1. If you forgot to lock the doors, all doors will automatically lock once you only reach 20km/h.
  • 2. Unlocks once you turn off the engine.
  • 3. No recycle lock. Installation procedure:
  • a. Turn off engine. Remove round screw at the triangular plastic panel located beside the left side of the clutch pedal.
  • b. Pull the triangular plastic panel (it has plastic pegs only).
  • c. Pull the white socket, and unplug it. then install Vios OBD by plugin the sockets.
  • d. Plug the OBD speedlock located above the clutch/brake pedal

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