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UPS Battery 12V 9Ah Champion UPS Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid [Same Specs as Motolite]

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CHAMPION batteries are designed to be used at a wide range of products. They can be classified as either Cycle or Standby applications. Here are some examples of those common applications.

  • Cycle Use : 14.4 - 17V (25°C)
  • Rechargeable Lanterns
  • Power tools, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners
  • Portable Audio & Video equipment
  • Portable computing equipment
  • Electric driven wheelchairs or bicycle
  • Toys and consumer electronics
  • Solar power devices
  • Standby Use : 13.5 - 13.8V (25°C)
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Security system and fire alarm
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Communication equipment's
  • Medical equipment
  • Champion Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery UPS Battery 12V 9Ah

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