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X-Care Auto Windshield Cleaner Concentrate (60 ML) 1pc Only

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Features :

X-care auto windshield cleaner concentrate, a kind of multiple function water-based cleaner which can be used in all-weather for cleaning the auto windshield/ rearview mirror/auto window or other glass surface, can easily clean the dust/oil slick/bird droppings/shell-lac/gum etc. After treated with our cleaner, there is no water marks and not easy to stick on the glass, can offer you clear view for safer driving.


Add one bottle of our cleaner before full fill the tank with water. 1 bottle of our cleaner can be mixed with 3-6L water.


  • Always keep the wiper blade cleaning to prevent from scratch the glass.
  • Add our cleaner before full fill the tank
  • After dilute with water, can be use to clean the glass by hand or machine.
  • Wash with water if touch the eye and see the doctor immediately.
  • Keep away from the fire and children, avoid direct sunlight.



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